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Keratoconus in Greer, SC

Seeing well is key to each person's well-being. their self-confidence and ability to succeed in life. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of variance on how people see due to a wide variety of eye conditions that can affect people of all ages. One of those conditions is Keratoconus.

Keratoconus eye treatment in Greer.

What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disease that is characterized by a thinning cornea that starts to change from its normal round shape into a cone-like shape. Because of the abnormal shape, light is deflected before it reaches the retina, resulting in distorted vision. Unlike many vision problems that affect mostly those in their 40s or older, keratoconus can begin in a person's teen years or early twenties and get progressively worse.

Detecting Keratoconus

Like many eye conditions, diagnosis depends on a duel effort between a patient and their eye doctor. It is important for people to pay attention to any changes in their vision and take these changes seriously by seeing an optometrist. The condition is more challenging than regular myopia or nearsightedness.

With Keratoconus, a person develops progressively worse nearsightedness, due to their irregular shaped cornea, as well as astigmatism. Frequently, they will need to upgrade their eyeglass prescription with their eye doctor in order to see well. In addition, they may also experience greater sensitivity to light, and be bothered more by glare than other people.

Treating Keratoconus in Greer, NC

Treating keratoconus is a challenge that requires a team effort between the optometrist and the patient

In the early stages of the disease, vision changes are mild enough in order to be corrected with regular glasses or soft contacts, but as time goes on these treatments no longer suffice, and an eye doctor will need to look at their patient's specific challenges and the rate the disease is progressing to determine the preferred treatment method. Some of the options that have been successful include

  • Corneal Crosslinking - a method of strengthening the outer layer of the cornea with the B vitamin, riboflavin
  • Intacs corneal inserts designed to help reshape the cornea
  • Conductive Keratoplasty - a procedure that smooths  the cornea's surface
  • Scleral and semi-scleral are gas permeable lenses that cover a larger portion of the eye, including the "white portion"
  • Custom fit contact lenses - contacts are made based on the precise measurement of the keronconic eyes
  • Prosthetic lenses - for more advanced cases
  • Corneal Transplant - also for severe vision issues, regular glasses or contacts are often required.

Whatever your vision or eye health challenges may be, visiting your optometrist in Greer on a regular basis is the first step in achieving the best eye health.

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