Sports Eye Safety

Sports Eye Safety

Protect Your Vision During Sport With Our Greer Optometrist

Proper eye care is important no matter what your lifestyle is, but looking after your eye health is especially important for athletes. Athletes of all ages rely on their vision to perform well. The very nature of their sport may also expose them to eye injury risks. Our Greer optometrist team at Blue Ridge Vision is happy to talk to you about simple ways to keep your eyes safe and vision sharp throughout your athletic career!

5 Sports Eye Safety Tips

  • Know your risks. Certain sports are more likely to subject a person to an eye injury. These include water sports, basketball, and baseball/softball. Talk to your loved ones, peers, and coaches about ways to avoid eye injuries during your activity of choice.

  • Wear appropriate protective gear. Always stay in compliance with whatever gear is required for your sport, whether that's helmets, goggles, or both. Realize that regular glasses may not offer sufficient protection.

  • Wear sunglasses whenever appropriate. Whether your physical activity takes to the slopes, the waves, or the sand, it's good to wear sunglasses that offer protection against ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation can damage your eyes and increase your risk for conditions like cataracts. Ask our optometry team about prescription sunglasses, and remember that even on cloudy days your unprotected eyes can still be damaged by UV radiation!

  • Don't ignore an injury. Pokes and jabs to the eye can cause corneal ulcers (scratches), which can be super itchy. Don't rub them, but don't ignore them, either! Taking proper care of an eye injury and consulting with an eye doctor when necessary reduces the risk of complications like infections.

  • Visit your eye doctor regularly. An eye doctor can test and optimize your eye-hand coordination, visual acuity, depth perception, tracking, binocular vision, and more, everything you need to excel in your sport!


Are Your Eyes Safe During Sport?

Take your vision and eye care to the next level. Contact Blue Ridge Vision at (864) 387-1498 to schedule an appointment with Greer optometrist Dr. Gordon S. Johnson.

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