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Discover Comprehensive Dry Eye Treatment With Our Greer Optometry Team

Dry eye syndrome is an uncomfortable condition for just about anyone who experiences it, whether symptoms last for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months or more. At Blue Ridge Vision, our Greer optometry staff meets men, women, and children suffering from hallmark dry eye symptoms and are committed to helping our patients determine the root causes of their discomfort so relief is longer lasting.

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Causes and Symptoms of Dry Eye

Your eyes are constantly covered by a thin layer of tears, called a tear film. When the quality or quantity of tears becomes impaired, dry eye can develop. 

This is often caused by an allergic reaction to environmental irritants, such as smoke, cold dry air, pollution, household cleaners and chemicals, pet dander, dust, pollen, mold, fungus, and even cosmetics or contact lens solutions. 

Dry eyes can also occur in the presence of an underlying autoimmune disorder like lupus or Sjoren’s syndrome. A specific condition called Meibomian gland dysfunction can cause dry eye when the oils normally secreted into tears by these glands are absent, causing tears to evaporate too quickly. 

You may also experience dry eye symptoms if you’re having a side effect to certain medications, or if you spend too much time on a computer. 

What are the symptoms? They generally include:

  • dry, itchy, red, irritated, and sore eyes
  • the feeling of sand-like grit in the eye
  • watery discharge, often leaving a dried residue on the eyelashes or eyelids
  • heightened light sensitivity 
  • blurry vision

How an Optometrist in Greer Can Help You Heal From Dry Eyes

The first and most critical step in addressing your dry eye symptoms is to identify what’s causing your symptoms in the first place! Correct diagnosis allows us to ensure we select the right dry eye treatment plan and maximize outcomes. An optometrist in Greer will typically use physical examination, personal history, and lab tests to confirm a diagnosis. 

With this diagnosis in hand, your individualized treatment can begin. We’ll employ things to address symptoms and causes, including techniques and services such as:

  • moisturizing eye drops
  • anti-inflammatory eye drops
  • Hard-to-fit prescription contact lenses or updated eyeglasses prescriptions (for more comfortable vision correction)
  • Complementary and supportive management of operative procedures (e.g., tear duct plugging)

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