Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Treatment from Your Optometrist in Greer, SC

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is becoming more prevalent as baby boomers age.  More than 10 million U.S. patients suffer from AMD, the #1 reason for severe loss of vision among seniors.  Regular exams, like the ones at our Blue Ridge Vision practice in Greer, are the key to getting the most effective eye care for AMD and many other eye diseases.


Macular Degeneration Overview

A patient might suffer from either dry or wet AMD.  While not all those with dry AMD progress to wet AMD, each wet AMD case began as the dry type.

Unfortunately, AMD is an incurable disorder.  Researchers have not uncovered a specific cause or a way to prevent it.  Most eye doctors agree that aging, environmental issues, and heredity are relevant risk factors for AMD. 

AMD occurs after changes develop within the macula, the middle portion of the retina.  As it progresses, patients begin to experience loss in their central field of vision.


Since symptoms often advance slowly, regular eye exams from our optometrist are important to diagnose AMD early and preserve the maximum amount of sight with managed eye care.  Both types of AMD share some symptoms. 

Dry AMD symptoms usually advance slowly and appear in both eyes, according to our eye doctor.  Those associated with the dry form include:

  • Reduction in central vision
  • Trouble distinguishing faces
  • Increased difficulty adjusting to lower light levels
  • Requiring increasing light brightness to do close work
  • Greater blurring of print
  • Perceiving straight lines as bent
  • Reduced color intensity or brightness

Symptoms associated with wet AMD include:

  • Hazy eyesight
  • A centralized blurring or blind spot
  • Fast development or worsening of symptoms
  • Lowered brightness or intensity of colors
  • Distortion causing straight lines to appear bent
  • Reduced eyesight in the central field

AMD Eye Care from Our Optometrist

While no treatment can cure macular degeneration, our optometrist explains that patients can take proactive eye care steps to reduce their risk for developing it and to potentially slow dry AMD progression. 

Patients could expect lifestyle changes such as shedding excess weight, not smoking, and protecting eyes from ultraviolet light as part of preventative treatment for AMD.  Certain over-the-counter supplements are also sometimes beneficial.

Our practice monitors AMD patients carefully.  Some with wet AMD benefit from eye injections, while photodynamic therapy helps others.

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